Philadelphia, PA: A Day Trip Quick Guide

By far, one of the prettiest places I have ever been during the fall was Philadelphia, PA. Not only are the Philly cheesesteaks an incentive to go in themselves, but the history, like all of the places featured in this blog, is endless. My boyfriend, Ben and I took a trip to Philly while on a research trip in Washington D.C. last year. Some of our incentives were to visit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and Eastern State Penitentiary, which minoring in Criminology at Drury University at the time, prisons were of interest to me, and arguably, still are.

Choosing Death: The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Death Row on the Condemned and the Practice of Volunteering for Execution

The death penalty is a highly debated practice for many reasons. A few being the cost of execution via taxpayer dollars, the morality of state-sanctioned killing, and the idea of justice and closure for the families of murder victims.  The most popular anti-death arguments pertain to the eighth amendment which is used to argue that... Continue Reading →

Ham and Swiss Pasta with Snow Peas

So, while rummaging through the cabinets this afternoon, trying to decide what to make with the gigantic ham I got on sale a week ago, I stumbled upon this concoction- and boy is it good. All I did was gather left over ingredients from the fridge which included a half a block of cream cheese,... Continue Reading →

There are several similarities between American political culture and India's concerning women's rights and patriarchy. This may seem like a stark, overwhelming contrast as women in India have been fighting brutal and unjust treatment in the country for centuries, however, the same could be argued for the women of the United States. Although the United... Continue Reading →

Frito Pie Chili Mac

Everyone needs a go to comfort food and by far our family's is Frito pie chili Mac. This recipe is so versatile, you can literally put whatever you want in it as far as vegetables and you have the choice of making it with turkey or beef. I tend to go the Turkey route, but... Continue Reading →

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