Battlefield of Bandages Available Now for Download

Four years of hard work has finally paid off! My thesis, Battlefield of Bandages: A Case Study on Sanitation Policy, Medical reform, and Disease Prevention During the War of Rebellion, is available now for online download. Check it out! https://bearworks.missouristate.edu/theses/3507/

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SOS! She’s Hit an Iceberg!

108 years ago today, two twins, Michel and Edmond Navratil, saw their father for the last time as he lowered them into a boat full of strangers in a desperate attempt to save their lives. They were on Easter break with their father who unbeknownst to the twins, had kidnapped them, leaving their mother at… Continue reading SOS! She’s Hit an Iceberg!

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Pursuing my own National Treasure

Long post, but stay with me on this one. 🎩🏛🧦 As some of you may remember, last year we surveyed Chimborazo hospital (CSA) at the National Archives. After sifting through maps, surveying hospital fatalities and disease, and thumbing through endless special orders and correspondence from Chimborazo, we drove to Richmond, VA to see the hospital… Continue reading Pursuing my own National Treasure

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Ride electric scooters with us through the National Mall (short film)- Washington D.C. research trip 2020

This trip will always be one I cherish. This was my third trip to DC for research over the course of my college career but there was just something about this one being possibly my last trip as a college student, which made it a little bittersweet. Although I have applied to a Ph.D. program… Continue reading Ride electric scooters with us through the National Mall (short film)- Washington D.C. research trip 2020

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Get $55 off with AIRBNB when you create a new account and book using my link :)

If you don't have Airbnb and have never stayed with them, please use my link! Using this link will get you a $55 travel credit for your stay when you book your room with Airbnb anywhere in the world. After, you book, refer your friends for $30 off your bookings! happy traveling! AirBnB discount link… Continue reading Get $55 off with AIRBNB when you create a new account and book using my link 🙂

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Flashback to Richmond:Appreciating the Chimborazo hospital site.

I wrote the below post one year ago during a research trip to Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA studying Civil War medicine. This memory popped up today on my Facebook memories and I figured it was worth the share. I am so passionate about what I do. God has truly blessed me with the best… Continue reading Flashback to Richmond:Appreciating the Chimborazo hospital site.

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A Victorian-Era Gem with a Chilling History: Ghosts, Secret Tunnels, and Bootleg Liquor in Eureka Springs, Arkansas- A Weekend Getaway Guide

The updated travel guide! Check it out with all new recommendations and links to hot spots, tours, and more!

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Tucked away in the Ozark Mountains rests one of my absolute favorite cities. Not only is the city rich in history, but virtually every building in the historic district has been restored and bask in their Victorian-era elegance. There is no place that I feel so at home, so at peace, or so incredibly happy than in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

A few notes before we jump in

  • Don’t forget to view the links provided in both the photo captions and in the text.
  • There are so many things I love about Eureka it is hard for me to just explain a few. That being said, it may seem like I am jumping around- be patient with me, there is

    download (10) Basin Park Hotel

    a lot to cover and…

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