Everlasting Memories: The Making of the Inman Ink

The time I spent with my father truly changed my life. I’m not sure if it was the change in social status, the public recognition or the fact that I finally felt like I had made a difference that was the most impressionable. I do however, know this: My father was the most extraordinary person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Battling multiple mini strokes, heart surgery and the repercussions of unimaginable amounts of dollars in medical bills during that time in my life, my father never lost hope. During that time in my life, my family had lost everything. Our home, our cars, but we never lost each other. I remember catching my father digging in the couch for extra change and quarters or selling his favorite watch, scrounging for anything he could find so we could print my newspaper. He never gave up, not on himself and most importantly, he never gave up on me. He was my biggest fan, mentor and best friend. No matter the challenges we faced, my father always led us with a smile and a warm, considerate heart.

If I Were to Die Today

If I were to die today, would you shed your tears? Would you look back on your time spent with me and cherish all those years? Would you glance at my picture as tears streamed down your face? Or would you bring your heart to remember that I’m in a better place? If I were to fade away, become... Continue Reading →

For Just One Second

Give me your eyes just for a second so I can make you see, All that's been done here, everything you've done to me, Look my way for just a second, so you can see just what he's done to you, So I can show you what to do, Why can't you see what he's done, why can't you... Continue Reading →

Broken Record

Solemnly I lie here, because I know it’s all a joke, From the moment you laid eyes on me to the very words you spoke, Put me on a pedestal, too tall for me to see, Never expecting me to live up to what you wanted me to be, You put me on the player and you took me... Continue Reading →

Here With Me

I watch the sun come up in the blue of your eyes, And I feel your heart beat as here with me, you lie, And I feel your warmth as it showers over me, Then I wonder how a blind man could have never wanted to see, I can see your smile held back on your lips, Admiring me from... Continue Reading →

Crystal Ball

I lay here uncontious in this dream, Knowing all that is happening, yet realizing nothing is what it seems, I can feel your eyes as you stand right behind me, Ready to jump head first into a pandaemonium that we can not yet see, Somehow I fly free without a care, All the while you are still right there, I can... Continue Reading →

I Just Want You Gone

I hear you loud and clear, slithering through all your excuses, thinking that all these sweet words will suffice as conclusive. You say you're so sad and sick and I believe half of that is right, you say you mean no trouble, then why do you bring the fight? You are a walking lie, a... Continue Reading →

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